OpenRoutes began as a personal project to collect my walking and cycling routes in one place for easy access. I noticed that when I was looking around online for new routes to try, there were often either no GPX downloads available for them, or they required payment to access. I think information such as this should be freely available, so I decided to make my routes available to everyone, for free, under a Creative Commons license. This means that you can download, use and share the information freely, as long as credit is given to openroutes.uk and that if you use them in your own projects, they are released under the same license.

Most of the routes published here have been personally walked or cycled by me, with the exception being simple routes that are mostly road-based. I may in the future publish routes from others who are happy to share them in the same way, but at present the routes are all my own work. The information on this site is intended only as a guide to the route. You should always take the relevant map and a compass with you and check weather conditions before setting out. The grading of routes is from my experience of them and may differ to your expectations.

The site is still a work in progress in terms of design, layout and content, but I’m hoping to add new routes as often as possible. I’ll also be adding more route reports, which will include further information and photos of the routes. You may notice that most of the routes are currently in the north Wales region (because that’s where I live), but I will be creating routes for other regions as I travel around. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or via the RSS Feed to be notified when new routes are published.